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How do I activate or renew my Avira license in the Antivirus user interface?

It is not mandatory to have an Avira account to activate or renew your Avira license. Avira Antivirus offers the possibility to activate or renew a license also via the user interface.

Activate/Renew license
  1. Click the Avira icon in the system tray to open Avira.
  2. Locate your Antivirus and click Open.
  3. Click in the upper right corner the question mark icon → License management.
  4. Once the license wizard opens, you have the option to activate or extend your avira license.


  5. Follow the wizard to finish the process.

For further information regarding your Antivirus product version, virus definition file, license validity, etc., click in the upper right corner of the Antivirus user interface the question mark icon → About Avira Antivirus.

If you have lost your activation code, please read the article "How do I request a lost Avira license?" which explains where you can find your activation code.


I have exactly the same problem as Joan Gil :
Joan Gil
I think I had licens for Antivirus Pro until 2018, but this information has disapeared. I don't see it in my PC application nor in my account information. Nothing about old licences
It seems that AVIRA is going down the hill. I know that after 2018 I'm not going to extend my license with them after all their customer service is very bad.

I have the same issue. I purchased a 5 device licence. It is still current & only one license in use on my dashboard but I cannot activate my 2nd device with the license number I copied from my dashboard account, and following the steps above. Keep getting an unknown error & it shows the #0

Any suggestions?

Just paid to renew my license. But the activation code they have emailed to me wont work. It says "Maximum user activation for this code has been reached". Which is weird as I have only one laptop. It was working okay before it expired. I tried everything uninstall and reinstall and still nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated. I just want what I paid for.


J'ai acheté la version Pro de l'antivirus Avira par année, pour la somme de 39,90€
J'ai rencontré aucun soucis depuis la dernière mise à jour où mon antivirus n'était plus en pro, alors j'ai donc tenté de mettre la clé de licence mais elle n'existe plus. Cela ne fait même pas 6 mois que j'ai acheté le produit. Pouvez-vous y remédier à ce problème ?
Merci bien d'avance.

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