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How do I exclude files or processes from scanning?

File exceptions can be defined for both the “System Scanner” and the “Real-Time Protection”. A special feature of the “Real-Time Protection” is that processes may be excluded from the scan as well.

Exclude files or processes
  1. Click the Avira icon in the taskbar to open Avira.
  2. Search for Antivirus and click Open.
  3. Click the settings symbol settings symbol in the lower left corner.
  4. Click PC Protection → Exceptions.

    Since the exceptions for the “System Scanner” and “Real-Time Protection” must be configured separately, please select the corresponding module in the left panel. Search and add files or processes you want to be skipped by the Real-Time Protection or System Scanner and Real-Time Protection.

  5. Click OK to save the configuration.

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I try to exclude files from the "Real time protection" and "System scanner" but Avira continues detecting excluded files.

I have indicated the fichero.exe exclusions in Real-Time Protection and System Scanner in the standard configuration, I have also added the full path to the file in the processes to exclude from Real-Time Protection.
However I can not run the program because Avisa continues to detect the files as threats.
I have installed Avira Professional Security copyrigth 2015 v.

I'm using the free Mac version. I edited /Applications/Avira.app/Contents/config/avguard.conf
and added:
ExcludePattern ^/Volumes/home/allan/Library/Mail/V3/*/\[Gmail\]\.mbox/Spam\.mbox/
then rebooted.
Items in this folder (in subfolder in this folder) are still getting flagged. Please help. What is wrong with this pattern?

Also, putting the config files in the application bundle is insane and downright stupid. Config files should go into /Library/Application Support/Avira. If a users replaces the application, all the config customization will be lost.

At any rate, please help with the pattern and please consider a feature request to move the config files to proper location on a Mac.

Hello? Avira, anybody? Same problem. Free Mac version.
I get (maximum file count exceeded) in the log. I don't see the setting suggested for excluding files. I'm not eager to manually edit the config files.

I can't tell if paying for the upgrade would solve this problem. Please respond.

Hi There, sorry for my English.
I bought from Green Tree Application, a version of YTD Video Downoader on april 2016; there was no problem since the new version of Avira ( was released, 'cause it detect ane remove YTD, the setup launcher and the license file as "suspect files" even though I set the folder YTD and the .exe files of the program to be excluded from scanning. In fact I have to reinstall the program every time i want to use it, hopin' that avira doesn't start and delete it.
Can you please help me?
P.S. my OS is Win 7 32 bit
Thank You
Flavio Ciociano

S'il vous plait, répondez-moi en français. Je ne sais pas comment vous joindre.
Or le tableau d'AVIRA me dit que le scanner n'a pas eu lieu depuis 2 mois.
Mon ordinateur est très ralenti , j'ai l'impression qu'il y a une anomalie
Mon e-mail= claudinedelmann@gmail.com
Merci de votre aide
Claudine Edelmann

Not Helpful. Advice says, "Search and add files or processes you want to be skipped by the Real-Time Protection or System Scanner and Real-Time Protection." But since Avira prevents (Advanced Sustemcare Pro) from being installed in the first place, how do I do this? (How do I get Avira to ignore the installation of ASC?)


After installation Avira gave a warning that a file contains malware. I am positive this is not so but Avira nevertheles put it in quarantaine. To exclude the file from the scan I should open Avira Antivirus, then settings en then add the file to the exceptions in PC protection. But Avira Antivirus does not open, no matter what I try. So it is impossible to remove the file from quarantaine and put it back where it belongs. Thanks Avira!

it has been impossible to install ATube. AVIRA detects "PUA / InstallCore" in the .EXE file of the application and aborts the installation.
The exception was declared for the same, but that PUA appears again, in an internal file that I do not know and that is generated from the installation and again it is aborted.
In the end, I do not have ATube

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