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Internet Security inactive because of missing Base Filtering Engine

In some cases it may happen that important services like the Microsoft Base Filtering Engine are not working correctly or even do not exist. That could be one reason, why Email and Browser Protection are deactivated. In some cases this may happen after an upgrade to a higher version.

The instructions below will help you to add or repair the missing services so that Email and Browser Protection are working correctly again.

There will be two automatic restarts of your computer.

If you are using a utility program to clean potentially unwanted files (like CCleaner), the script may not work correctly. Therefore, please deactivate the corresponding option(s) which delete temporary files.

The provided file makes it easy to add or repair the missing services. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Click this link and save the file on your Desktop.
  2. Click with the right mouse button the downloaded file.
  3. Select Extract to bfe-fw-fix or Extract All (depending on the software).

    Extract to bfe-fw-fixExtractAll...
  4. Enter the password avira and click OK.
    A new folder called "bfe-fw-fix" is created on your Desktop.

    Extract file - Enter password

  5. Open the folder "bfe-fw-fix" and double-click the bfe-fw-fix.exe file .

    Explorer - Execute file
  6. Confirm the user account control request with Yes.

    Windows - User Account Control
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Two automatic restarts are required.
    Confirm each prompt with OK.

    Avira message: 1. System reboot required

  • Betroffene Produkte
  • Avira Antivirus Pro


Follow the steps below:
1.uninstall all the Avira products
2.reboot the PC
3.delete all the remaining files from C:\ProgramData\Avira and C:\Program Files(x86)\Avira
4. open a browser -> type my.avira.com -> login using the email used for purchase and the avira password -> subscriptions -> install -> download and install the kit with token

Estou com o avira pro instalado porém, após atualizar conforme intruçoes, perdi a proteçao da web e email. O que significa erro 500??? Não consigo efetuar a varredura completa. qdo chega a 70%, da msg de erro que a memoria nao pode ser lida por erro de aplicativo.
por favor providenciem pq esta uma bagunça!!!

Avira stopped working. When i duoble click on avira symbol on my screen it doesnt open. I deleated whole avira content and programs from my pc and downloaded again by using myavira internet site. It worked a few days then the same thing happened again. Now i can use neihter avira as an antivirus program nor VPN which i paid extra. Can you help me with that problem please??

after updating firefox to version 62 (Quantum) Avira web protect no longer reports secure pages and not in search, the extension is installed and seems to work (it signals blocked trackers), I tried to uninstall and install again but the problem persists. I have the same problem with personal block list. Any suggestions?

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