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Is Zonealarm compatible with Avira?

In the Avira status screen it says the firewall is turned off. In the help screen it says Avira only works with its own firewall and with the Windows firewall. But I have Zonealarm running, and it seems to be working fine, but I'm concerned there may be an incompatibility with Avira.


Two similar security solutions would consume your additional system performance & resources. Here, I would recommend that you remove ZoneAlarm product (antivirus or firewall).

* http://www.windowsuninstaller.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=743 Uninstall ZoneAlarm Free Firewall
* http://www.windowsuninstaller.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=909 Uninstall ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

Hello - But I'm not aware that Avira Free has a firewall built in. For Zonealarm I'm only using the free firewall, not the antivirus. If Avira has a built-in firewall than I agree I do not need Zonealarm. Please confirm what features are in Avira Free. In any case Avira says my PC is not secure but I think it is.

Alas, Internet security 'suite' (is it really one ?) dropped the firewall right now.

Zonealarm FREE firewall works fine with Avira, but Avira does not WANT to recognize
a firewall other (and better) than windows poor one.

So you have to manage with a status saying 'Your PC is not protected' all the time.

Note that Zonealarm FREE firewall does not include any virus protection, so it does not
interfere with Avira.

I did not updated this subject, but now the latest versions of both Avira Pro update and Zonealarm are compatible, even in Win 10, and the 'Firewall not enabled' had been removed from Avira notice. So the problem is solved. My only question is now 'should I keep using Avira, or just switch to the full version of Zonealarm when my subscription expire ?'

I had an incompatibility issue between Zonealarm and Avira in my Win7. Zonealarm would not let Avira automatic update to run (and would not even alert me about that). The umbrella remained closed due to this and also due to "windows antivirus" being disabled. Changing Avira installation by removing Firewall option seems to have solved the issue.

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