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What happens to my remaining license runtime when I buy a new Avira product?

If you have purchased a new Avira product, that replaces your existing Avira product, but the runtime of the existing product has not yet ended, the remaining runtime of the existing product is NOT accounted to the runtime of the new product.

  • Betroffene Produkte
  • Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Prime (unlimited devices)
  • Avira Optimization Suite
  • Avira Internet Security
  • Avira Total Security Suite


I bought physical packs of Avira internet security suit (one pack 1-user 3 device and other 3-user one year) but non of them are valid ! avira says: lifetime of their products are 2 years but it is not mentioned on their pack and even in their site!
what is meaning of this budge?
avira is a great company which I trust but it is my right to have the validation for my activation codes which I bought.
if avira does not clear this human right then it is making the avira non- trustable for the people in all of the world.
I am a avira user about 8 years and hope the manager of the company take a logical desission.
say again: ther is no any hint on the avira packs for it's software lifetime(this is my right) and wherever in the world people are agree with this right.

It is correct that you need to activate a license for e.g. 1 Year or 2 Years within that time period to work. Otherwise it becames invalid. Where did you purchase the license? If the activation time frame was shorter than the license runtime you can contact the reseller for a reimbursment. In other cases you can reach the Avira license team here:

Once I had a too bad experience with Avira System Speedup. My laptop freezed, did not work anymore. I had to call to a Technician for format it. Fortunatellly I did not try on my main computer, a desktop. So I do not trust on Avira System Speedup, and so I will never . download the Avira Prime. I use Avira Pro, and it is great. After that terrible experience, on my laptop I use Avira Free. Always with care, of course. I am not an expert.

Avira Prime habe ich gekauft , es wurde aber Blöderweise ein Neuer Account angelegt auf meine PayPal Email Adresse. Wie bekomme ich mein Prime jetzt auf mein bereits seit langen bestehendes Konto ? Ich hatte jetzt schon mehrere Anfragen gestellt aber keine Antwort erhalten weshalb nicht ??

Dear avira team
As your product can not accessible for direct online shopping in my country(iran) due to unavailability of visa, paypal,.... i asked my friends who are in germany to buy a total protection suite license for me(1year/3Device) as well as 1 avira prime for 5 devices. they did it for me but The license code came to their emails and under the code written: we have activated your avira product on this email address for each of my friends! So please advice me how i can use it under my own email and my avira account which i have already in your site?(kindly guide me to proceed as your kind advice) Best Regards, Mohammad Ali Khandan

i have activated avira total protection 1 year/3 Device on my system with 11 months remaining time.
now i have got avira prime for 1 year max 5 device, how i have to install avira prime in order to extend it's time of validation because my remaining time of my total protection?
i believe the prime should have to exceeds the validation date as per avira rules?
please let me know what i have to do?

Hello, my avira license will expire on 18/01/2018 and I have payed for the automatic renewal today (13/12/2017) but on my dashboard I see now the licence expires on 22/12/2020 and it should be on 18/01/2021. There is written that "The remaining runtime of the current license will be added to the new license." How come it doesn't happen? Please check it. Thank you very much.

Last month I've purchased Total Security Suite Pro for one year.
Now Avira disabled most of the important features and I'm told to buy Avira Prime (??!!!)
Yet when it comes to check out Avira is not happy to deduct the previous payment .
It would make over £160 per year for subscription!!!!
Can't even find anything so expensive on the market.

Yesterday May 29, 2018 I went online to renew my Avira license. Original e-mail stated that I would not lose any time (September 16, 2018 Avira expires) if I renewed now. I renewed Avira and data shows that my subscription expires May 23, 2019. What Happened. HELP This isn't correct???

How should I do if I've activate a product (Avira Antivirus run till january 2018) with an email and another product
(Avira Prime begin this month) with an email ? The license of the 1st will continue at the same time as the license of the 2nd
Could you help me to solved this issue, please ?



How should I do if I've activate a product (Avira Antivirus run till january 2018) with an email and another product
(Avira Prime begin this month) with an other email ? The license of the 1st will continue at the same time as the license of the 2nd
Could you help me to solved this issue, please ?


Best regards,

Thank you for all the documents ect.
But in your advertising letter " Last chance for exclusive ice-cold saving"
is a PS: All remaining days on your licence will be added to your new one.

It did not happend last update, and i looks as the same thing is going on this time.
The remaining days on my old licence is not added.
Please tell me that I am wrong.

Poul Erik Rasmussen

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