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Sidney Martins

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About Sidney Martins

"Analysis and System Expert"

Live free of malware and tech problems.
Hire me as your personal technician.
I can fix any computer infection.
I can help you solve any other issues, too.
Guarantee on the service or your money back.

I can speak
English - Deutsch - Portuguese
I fix problems for
  • Sehr kompetenter Experte (spricht gut deutsch). Er hat nicht nur mein Problem gelöst sondern gleichzeitig auch noch weitere Probleme erkannt und beseitigt. Preis Leistungsverhältnis passt auf jeden Fall. Ich werde seine Dienste bei Bedarf gerne wieder in Anspruch nehmen.

  • I was at my wits end Avira had shut down and I had pop-up ads proliferating to the point they shut down my computer. For a very reasonable cost Sidney Martins not only got Avira up and working again, but eliminated all the hidden threats too. When I realized that there was still something lurking (apparently embedded in an innocuous source) I emailed him, and I got an immediate response and he fixed it right away. Many thanks to Sidney--I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again!

  • A delight to see a true professional at work.

  • I am a busy Real Estate Broker in Southern California. Sidney helped me about 2 years ago to restore my computer from multiple Viruses, and today he came to my rescue again. I was pondering a new computer purchase. But thanks to Sidney my computer is running as fast as ever. I would recommend him to everyone. Thanks again Sidney

  • The process couldn't have gone any smoother. Sidney is very pleasant, communicates clearly, and is dedicated to making sure your system is clean when he's finished working on it. He ran a number of malware scanners and tools on my PC, in addition to Avira, and he configured Avira for me, as well. I'm reasonably technically adept, but after almost a week of trying to get my PC back (including a reinstallation of Windows 7), I was ready to let someone who knew exactly what they were doing clear up the last issues and make sure everything was fine. Engaging Sidney was the right choice - no guesswork required on my part and no nagging doubts about whether or not my PC is truly virus-free. Thanks, Sidney!

  • I can truly recommend Sidney Martins. He asked me to trust him and so I did. He did not disappoint me at all. Great work and he really puts in a lot of time and energy to get your problems solved. Well done!

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