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After installing Avira, my external USB hard drive is not working but it is detected, why?


Let me give more detail about my problem, before Avira (free one) installed, my USB hard drive (acer 500Gb USB 3.0) is working normally, but after Avira installed, my USB hard drive is not working but USB thumb drive is working. The problem is in Windows Explorer the external drive is detected but when I click on folder inside the external drive it is not responding anymore so I have to disconnect the drive. My external drive is 100% clean from virus or any malicious files so don't say it is not working because it was infected. And because it is important, I have to transfer my data from external drive to the new PC so I have to unsinstall Avira for the time being untill this problem is fixed.

Just have read this and I had just realised that Avira was blocking External Hard disks !!: For two days I have gone crazy on my Windows 10 system. I had a new istall to Windows 10 and had installed Avira AV, but other programs too, so I coiuld not understamd what was the problem. I have blaimed Windows fore thgis: reinstall drivers, doing system restore, removing drivers...to the point of making my Win10 unbootable. Fresh install and can see my external hard Disk, install Avira and here we go again !! I am sorry gentleman: you should have a flag for warning of this issue. I have lost 2+ days trying to sort things out and it was simply Avira and Not windows. Sorry Microsoft guys for the all the swearing done. Not your fault.

I had this issue too! I spent the WHOLE day trying to make my USB ports work. External HDDs and memory cards could not be read. They got detected but nothing happened. Disk Management console said it needed to refresh every time you try any operation on the external disks. I even reinstalled Windows only for the problem to persist because Avira was the firsth app I installed!

I Googled and was directed to this page. I have uninstalled Avira and ALL my USBs are working flawlessly! I can't believe I spent the whole day on this.

I have the same problem here infect I formatted my 500gb external HDD with lots of my personal data from disk management under my computer setting after all of these efforts finally I got problem with avira, first time I selected the avira with the replacement of kysperper total security and this thing involve me in a very big trouble. still I'm finding the solution to connect my externel drives.

Hello to avira support,
i spent more than one week about same identical problem as all users here. And i've avira pro version!!! . Avira block External Hard disks and any external device. I have deselected as you said but nothings, ive reinstalled Avira and now the icon disappeared. I've Avira since 2006 but now i will not renew anymore. I'm really angry and last chance that i can give you and send to the support the avira collected info. Stay tuned i will inform all users about that.

Same thing happened to me after install of new Avira Pro Version with Firewall included. My Buffalo drive Station with 2 harddisks (switched to autostart) was suddenly gone. I deselected Avira device protection, which did not help. I added my hard disks to the Avira White list which also did not help. I uninstalled Avira Pro and removed remaining program parts using the Avira Registration Editor, then reinstalled Avira Pro again, unchecked Device Protection and even uninstalled the Firewall functionality, again it did not work. The only way get my Buffalo Station running is to switch it on manually after (!) Windows 10 and Avira Pro have been completely booted. For 10 years things were working fine until I installed this new Avira Version with ist crabby Firewall. Unbelievable that Avira dont care at all about its customers and leave the Buggy program as it is

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