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Do I need to do anything after manually renewing my Avira product?

If you have renewed your license as described in this article, the renewal of the license is automatically recognized by your Avira product.

In order for your Avira product to match the current license status with the license management, your device must remain switched on for some time with a connection to the Internet.

Please note that you will NOT receive a new activation code, either on a manually or automatically license renewal. The current activation code will remain valid for an extension! You do not have to enter a new code.

You will receive a new activation code only if you have purchased a new product or upgraded to another Avira version.

If you entered a newly purchased activation code as a product extension, you might get the error message 563. Please read this article for further assistance.


  • Affected products
  • Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Prime (unlimited devices)
  • Avira Optimization Suite
  • Avira Total Security Suite
  • Avira Internet Security Suite
  • Avira Family Protection Suite
  • Avira Ultimate Protection Suite


Failure of automatic actualization of licence after bying online Double click on the antivirus icon on your task row, control center opens , open "help" in the upper menu row - open "licence management" (left column of table), fill in your licence code of the extended licence . licence code is provided in your Avira profile online
or call support center; in Germany 07542500

Good Morning
I renewed my account last November (I have the invoice), yet my system today displayed the Avira Anti Virus Pro window saying that my computer is not secured and that my licence expired on 28/11/2014. My last Avira update was on 13 Feb 2015 and the system was fully protected then.
Account reference is: 66330613 and invoice number is: CB-30-6768317.
Thank you
Simon Caley

I have renewed Avira Antivirus Pro on 05.05.2015 and you say the following: "After renewing your license, as described in the article "How do I renew the license for my Avira product?", you do not need to do anything else. Your renewal will be processed within the next 72 hours. Within this 72 hour period, turn on your device (PC, laptop, etc.) from time to time so the Avira product can align the current license status with the license-management facility."

My Avira product has not aligned with the current license status, I have been away from my computer for longer than 72 hours, so I have not been able to turn my device on during this period. My Avira Antivirus Pro still shows that I need to renew my licence... it is still saying it is out of date? Please can you help?
Thank you,

I'm not sure if I'm writing this in the right section, but here goes.
I just renewed my license today (31.12.15) - I opted for the 2 year extension (Avira Antivirus Pro).
A moment later I received two emails. One of them containing a new activation key. I went to my installed Avira Antivirus Pro --> Help --> License Management
After inputting the new key I got a message that the license was extended... But it says it is activated til 16.01.18.
As mentioned above, I opted for the 2 year renewal. Haven't seen the bill yet, but the email stated a 24 month period (2 years).
Is this some kind of glitch ?
Do I need to uninstall, and reinstall Avira Antivirus Pro ?

Kind Regards,
Gert Haraldsen

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