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Explorer freeze during update (Win10)

During an Avira update it seems to get to about 80% and I get an associated freeze of explorer (Windows desktop) for approx 2 mins with an event log reference to TIMEOUT<csrss.exe> C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\Antivirus\avpref.dll

I have seen at least one post for this with a link to an answer that doesn't actually seem to exist. (https://www.avira.com/en/support-for-home-knowledgebase-detail/kbid/1976)
So if someone can actually post the content of that supposed answer or some sort of remedy that would be great.



The link to that article was changed, but I'm not sure it applies. Avira currently has HUGE issues running alongside Windows 10 and the recent Windows Update KBKB4493509. The Avira article stated to uninstall that Windows Update & do not let it reinstall until things are figured out and Avira has released an updated version. Current version of Avira is, so if it's not newer than that it hasn't been fixed yet.

Hmm unfortunately I don't have that update installed so it is obviously related to another recent one.
There are not that many for the O/S since I noticed this happening. A lot for Office but I can't see that causing this particular issue.
I have KB4485449, KB4493464, KB4346084 since the 15/02/2019 which is pretty much when I noticed this. Also a couple of Flash updates but that's it.
KB4493464 is a cumulative update.
I did revert to an earlier weekly snapshot for the 24th of Feb which was still effected.
I do have one for the 10th of Feb so I will install that and test for the problem which would at least show which group of updates may be responsible.

I don't know why I said you must not be running Windows 10. LoL. I think I had it confused with another post in another tab. Not sure why you wouldn't have kb4493509 though. But since you don't have it, your problem must be unrelated. Also, since you don't have it - I strongly suggest you don't install it or you'll be have far more severe issues than you already do. Latest version of Avira ( still causes very sever problems with the Windows Update. That's two Avira updates now that were supposed to fix it.

Reverting to an earlier image did indeed solve the problem.
After updating Windows manually from the catalog site I noticed that Avira which was an earlier version didn't update itself past v15.0.36.226 and didn't freeze the system while doing it's update.
So I have gone back to today's image and uninstalled Avira completely.
I then reinstalled it using an offline installer I have here which is from 05 October 2017.
Avira has fully updated now and it has stopped at v15.0.36.226 again.
I wonder if perhaps you might try the same thing.
Uninstall completely and reinstall from an earlier version and let it update and see what happens.
I will check again when I update the virus defs tomorrow and see if it hangs but it is interesting that it is stopped on that version when the version I previously had installed was in fact v15.0.45.1154.

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