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How can I restore changes made by Avira System Speedup Pro?

In case you experience any issue with one or more programs after using the System Speedup repair option, it might be due to a clean-up of the registry. This can cause under certain circumstances unwanted changes and could, in the worst case, render the program unusable. To correct this issue, restore the changes made by the application.

Restore changes

  1. Open Avira Connect and klick Avira System Speedup Pro Open.

  2. Click the Backup and Restore icon.
  3. Click Open in "Restore Changes".

  4. Click Yes to accept the User Account Control.
  5. The "Undo changes" window opens and lists all changes that have been made in the registry.
  6. Select the registry state you want to restore and click Undo changes.


  7. Confirm the next dialog with OK.
  8. The backup of the registry entry has been restored successfully.

To avoid in future registry changes in certain programs, please exclude the program files from the clean-up process of System Speedup.


  • Affected products
  • Avira Optimization Suite
  • Avira Ultimate Protection Suite
  • Avira System Speedup


Once I had a too bad experience with Avira System Speedup. My laptop freezed, did not work anymore. I had to call to a Technician for format it. Fortunatellly I did not try on my main computer, a desktop. So I do not trust on Avira System Speedup, and so I will never . download the Avira Prime. I use Avira Pro, and it is great. After that terrible experience, on my laptop I use Avira Free. Always with care, of course. I am not an expert.

In Windows 10 System Recovery is not automatically on. To undo the changes Avira System Speedup is relying on Restore points. There is no warning to the user, when System Recovery is not 'on' and there are no Restore points made. Now I can't reset my computer to the start-up settings before using Speedup. I cannot even find a simple log of the changes that are made, so I cannot undo them.
Start-up optimalisation gives the option for setting programs to start after Start-up. There is no mentioning of having to 'Manually' start-up these programs, so now I can't find anywhere which probably necessary or useful programs aren't starting anymore.
Optimalization is not a safe feature without an undo option, so in general I think this is a major flaw and makes the program unsafe for use.

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