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How do I add and manage Avira subscriptions in my “Avira Connect” account?

This article describes how to add and manage Avira subscriptions via the “Avira Connect” account.

This procedure applies to any of the following scenarios:

  • You have used a free Avira product and you have now bought a license.
  • You are (re)installing an Avira product.
  • You want to add a new subscription to your account.
  • You want to manually update the expiration date of your product based on your new purchase.

  1. Log in to Avira Connect.
  2. Click in the left menu area the button Subscriptions.
  3. Manage your active subscriptions, Install Avira products, verify your payment history or add a new subscription to your account.


Further information about the Subscriptions are shown in the following Video



  • Affected products
  • Avira Prime
  • Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Prime (unlimited devices)
  • Avira Internet Security Suite
  • Avira Optimization Suite
  • Avira Total Security Suite


I have bought a new license, as the old is about to expire tomorrow. However, due to my paypal is linked to another email address, the confirmation went to that mailbox. I am unable to add the new subscription to the existing Avira Connect account on the Subscriptions page, because I get the error: "The activation code is already used." (However I have not installed it to any computer yet.)
Could you please help me?
I would not like to start using a new account if I have already set up one.
On the other hand, when I arranged the purchase, I was logged in to my Avira Connect Account, so I really do not understand, why Avira has not used my original email address to send the confirmation.
Who can help?
I contacted the customer support of the merchant (cleverbridge) but they wrote, I should find the solution here.

Hello. Please why I can't open my login session to manage my Pro licenses? Why I can't protect others machines excepted mine? Mail link cannot open my dashbord, login by Avira Website it's the same result, login by the Antivirus, it 's the same. Every time it's charging page but stay with white page to join my Avira account. Please give me an issue today or go back cash.

How to add other computers to Pro licence (5 machines or devices)? Here is the good way if you get a mail from Avira after you paiement and the link inside doesn't work.
- First, what and why it doesn't work? Maybe the link in the mail cannot be opened (white page, error page or charging page without result; I don't know why, but if you can see my comment, you can connect your account in LOGIN top right (email address and password required for your account: they are the same when you got Avira Pro ). There you can see your account and licence(s). You can see your licence code. Take it if others machines are not connected and so do not appear in your dashboard.
- If you can see others in your dashboard, go to others machines and download Pro version (from Avira DOWNLOAD CENTER!!!) for each of one and install, wait 15 minutes and open AVIRA on the computer and see if the Pro version is installed. Try again if the installation doesn't work; probably you have a free version installed first (You can uninstall it first before installation of Avira pro)
-If they appear in your dashboard, they will be automatically associated at your account
- If other machines are not connected and so not appear in the dashboard, take the same way but you will have to enter your licence code for each of one.

I have purchased two Avira Antivirus Pro keys for 3 PCs each from 2 different retailers. Months earlier I installed 1 (or 2?) PCs with the first key, I am not sure whether I have connected this license to an account. Today I entered the second license key in and connected it to an account which I had created years ago. When trying to add the first license key I was told that this license key is used already. Theoretically I should have 6 licenses altogether. How can I retrieve, how I used the first license key months ago. There should be 1 or 2 unused installations. I find it very annoying that I cannot find out form the Avira Installation on the PCs, how long the license is valid and with which key it was installed. How can I find out the status of my installations I made with my first key ?????

Hi Sir,
Many questions, all have a solution.
1- How can I retrieve the date of my Avira Pro installation, and where can I see the end of my licence(s)? ...................................
On your (or on the desktop of any computer or device where you have installed Avira Pro) desktop clic on the Avira umbrella and open it. There, on the line ANTIVIRUS Pro, clic ---> OPEN. On the new window bottom left side clic ---Activity: there you can see all your Avira Pro activities. You can go back to the date of the installation. From it you can estimate how is during the licence. You have to renew 15 days before the end date. This end date appears on your Avira online dashboard.
2- Have I connect each Avira Pro installation on my account to validate? When you use a licence key for Avira pro installation your account name appears on the top at the Avira Pro desktop installation. All valid software installations are automatically linked to your online account. Only valid installations appear in your Avira Online dashboard. There you can see if protected machines (by you) are online or not. If you can see nothing, or if you think that you should have other(s) please contact Avira Support and give back the licence(s) code number(s) , or account(s) opened by email address to retrieve acces. But If you don't remember wich account(s) you have created for each licence, and you don't remember any licence code....I think nobody can help you.

Hi Jean-Michel
thanks for your attempt to help me.
I have the license keys, but e.g. one machine is in my condo. I have no access to it to see, what I have registered there how. I will have to try to contact Avira Customer Service to put the two licenses under one online identity, if I can find a phone number. Usually companies try to hide as perfectly as possible.

I have now retrieved with which e-mail address I very probably registered the first triple license some months ago, have requested a new password and can enter my.avira with these access data. But surprisingly the same machines appear there as with the other access data. I tried to see with which mailaddress I am logged in but cannot find it. I would prefer to combine the two licenses under one mailaddress. How can I do that? Is there any phone number for customer service?

Hi Viktor; here is the way to Contact AVIRA Help desk by mail or PHONE. They help Premium products, and Avira antivirus PRO too. Please if you contact this service, give us a feedback. Tx >.
You cans see all services supported by Avira Helpdesk here (In exemple 'FOR HOME'...view the list of eligible products..)

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