How Do I Delete My Avira Account?

I no longer use any Avira product, so I wish to have my entire account with Avira removed. But there seems to be no option to do this under account management, nor is there a way to contact support if you're a free user. I continue to receive e-mail solicitations from Avira, even though I have all communication preferences deselected in my profile. So I would like to delete and deactivate my entire Avira Account. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


To anyone who might stumble across my question, please note the answers suggesting to simply click the Unsubscribe link in an Avira e-mail are not fully correct. That link does exist, and I have tried that. But clicking the link just sends you to your profile settings page, where you have the option to deselect which e-mails you don't want to receive. I deselected them all, and still receive solicitations. Avira's unsubscribe option seems to be plainly broken, hence why I wish to delete my account in full. The answer suggesting e-mailing support is the correct route.

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