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How do I force avira to always ignore a false positive?

I have a crack that I'm using and whenever Avira detects it, I go to details and I select Always Ignore. But it doesn't work. Avira keeps blocking it and keeps "finding" it and all that annoying stuff. I feel like just running my PC without an antivirus and scanning it with Malwarebytes once in a while.



That's a VERY ANNOYING problem, especially because Avira don't offer a "global exception list", like Avast does.... You have to manually add all false positives (many, by the way...) twice, both on real time protection and scanner exception lists.Also, every time you click on show details, to select "always ignore" it runs a scan, while on others AVs this is done pretty straight forward. Submiting the file doesn't help, as sometimes it's a program that "potentially" could be used for bad purposes, so Avira won't whitelist it... It´s getting so frustrating that I'm really thinking on buy BitDefender....

(I know this is old question but still)
If the file was something you downloaded from web browser there's chance that it gets detected each time location changes. e.g. first in temporary files, then in real download location, then if it's zipped it gets detected before unpacking and after packing it gets detected once again. I haven't found any problems with Always ignore and there is exception list for user specified folders, at least on my machine resident shield doesn't nag once folder is excluded.

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