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How do I install and register Avira Antivirus Security Pro for Android?

This instruction is applicable after you have purchased the Antivirus Pro version for Android.

The Avira Antivirus Security app is suitable for use on most Android Smartphones, tablets and phablets. Unsupported telephony function in tablets will be automatically deactivated in the app.

Avira Antivirus Security for Android works on a multi-user device only if you are logged in as primary user.

Install and register
  1. Go to Google Play and install Avira Antivirus Security.
  2. Once the installation is complete, open the app.
  3. A brief overview of the included functions is displayed. Tap Skip.


  4. Tap the menu drawer icon menu_drawer_icon in the upper left corner.


  5. Tap Account → Register with an email address.

    avira-antivirus-for-android_after-taping-configuration_en     avira-antivirus-for-android_after-taping-configuration_register_en

  6. Now you need to log-in with your credentials.


  7. Once registered the app is displayed as “Antivirus Security Pro”.


  8. Tap Perform your first scan.



It's hard to believe I am the first user to add a comment about this article. The installation was easy enough (I guess), but I am not able to find any "Getting Started" button or tutorial of any kind on this website that tells me how to use all the features of this product. If I go to, that address apparently doesn't even exist. When I open the account I set up, there is just a scarce amount of info about me, and no way to navigate to my other devices. There is no "Web Console" to be found. I am very close to deleting this app and installing the Consumer Reports highly recommended Avast Free Android app.

Bought Android smartphone and trying to associate the device with my current license (Avira Antivirus Pro - Business Edition 36 months / 3 devices). Activation using SMS or email from desktop failed - not delivered to the phone. I downloaded the free version from Google play, then tried to enter the activation code using web dashboard. The app indicated invalid activation code so I tried 'Restore purchases'. Got a message 'no license associated to this email'. In the web dashboard I can see the newly added device while the app still offers 'Get Pro'.
What could be wrong?

Hello, I have purchased an annual subscription to Avira on Android, but following the steps you have described, the software keeps saying I didn't.
In the meantime, Google Play says I have already purchased Avira Pro, which I can't find anywhere on the Google Play Store.
So I'm completely blocked and can't access to the pro version nor to its support while I have paid for them.
How to proceed ?

Avira Antivirus is more secure for lappy or pc. I also use this antivirus because it is trustable and protect my data very carefully and a most better thing it is fright against virus and spots the data to lose. Here I am talking about how you download Avira Antivirus on your android you just follow these steps-
Steps 1- Go to Google Play store and write Avira antivirus.
steps 2-now you click on install button and follow other instructions.
steps 3- After the installation process is completed, open the application.
steps 4- Click on “skip”.
steps 5- Go to “menu” button, click on that.
steps 6-After that click on “account” and register with an email address.
steps 7-Make sure that you enter those credentials which you have used while purchasing antivirus and log in.
After the registration, the application will appear and then click on “perform your first scan”.
Hope so it will be work if you have any problems you can visit this link and solve this issues

I am having the exact same problem with my Avira Pro 3 year subscription. Logging into my Avira account and choosing to install on my Android phone it sent a SMS to my phone with a link to Avira Free on Playstore. There were no other instructions in the SMS message, so I installed Avira Free version and performed the first scan and instead of updating to my Pro version it only keeps Avira Free with annoying ads to Uber. There has to be a fix for this, please tell us what it is!

There is no choice during buying for which starting date I like to have when existing lcense of Avira Will expire. The new software license i have already bought now has 3 weeks overlap.
No wornings, during buying process.

I sent e-mails to Avira, but No answer! . i am very disappointed .

Now i have a year license , and 3 weeks overlap. Nobody cares... No answer from my questionnaires to Avira.
There is No possibility to call, and No possibility to retrack my payment.

I like to have a move in license date. How to solve this?

Hello. I have purchased Avira Optimization Suite for 5 devices. I have it installed on one PC. It works but the desktop shortcut to open Avira mini GUI doesn't work and there is no tray icon. Moreover I have followed these steps and installed Avira on my Android phone and logged in correctly. The device appears in my online account page alongside my PC. To get the pro version, I enter my activation code. There is a message saying welcome to pro version but then the app comes back to free version with adds. I have tried this several times even logged out completely but it doesn't work. Please solve these issues.

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