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How do I purchase and install Avira Antivirus Pro?

Avira Antivirus Pro can be purchased online or at one of our retailers. This article explains how to purchase the product from our website and install it on your device.

Online purchase
  1. Browse to the Avira Official Store and click on the Purchase now button.
  2. Select first the number of devices you want to protect and then the period of protection.
  3. Check your order and click Proceed To Checkout.
  4. Enter the required information and click Next Step.
  5. Review your data, accept the Terms and Conditions and click Buy Now.
  6. You will be notified per email regarding the Antivirus installation and the payment transaction.

Install the product
  1. Open the received Avira email and double-click on the link "Install and activate now".
  2. You will be redirected to your Avira Account where you need to login with the purchase email and to create a password.
  3. Click Download.
  4. Double-click the downloaded Avira installation file.
  5. Follow the Avira setup by clicking Accept and Install.
  6. The successful installation of your Avira product will be displayed.
  7. Open Avira Antivirus and perform an update if necessary.

For a better overview and management of the purchased Avira products and licenses, it is recommended to sign up for free to Avira Connect Web.


  • Affected products
  • Avira Antivirus Pro - Business Edition
  • Avira Prime
  • Avira Antivirus Pro


I've renewed my license for Antivirus Pro for a further 2 years as from 1st June 2016.
I can download the file with no difficulty but when I double click to install it, there's no further progress. If I repeat the download step again, no problem getting the file but it won't install - what's the issue here? Didn't have this difficulty last time I renewed so what have you Avira done to change this process? Please sort it out ASAP or provide a refund.
Thank you :)

Ho fatto tutti i tentativi possibile ma AVIRA ANTIVIRUS PRO non si installa. Rimane sempre il quadro che mi dice che l'abbonamento precedente è scaduto ilo 15 giugno 2016 e non può fare aggiornamenti Ho pagato €. 34,95 a vuoto e ciò non è corretto. Ho avuto in passato altri problemi e non consiglio AVIRA. Dal prossimo anno passo ad un altro Antivirus . Riccardo Marconi numero di riferimento : ***

I purchased Avira Antivirus Pro - Special Edition 12 months - 1 device on 23 April 2017 for electronic delivery. When following the installation instructions, the installation began and continued for more than 10 mins when an message appeared stating that 'an error occurred but Avira Connect was installed. I downloaded the program again and exactly the same thing occurred. I can see I have the following program now installed on my machine: Avira Connect, Publisher 'Avira Operations ...', Installed 24/04/2017, Size 17.1Mb, Version Could you please tell me if this program the Avira AntiVirus Pro-Special edition - which I have paid for.
Helen Moylan

J'ai acheté la version pro et dès que je veux l'installer j'ai perpétuellement un message d'erreur qui rend impossible l'installation ! Avec un code erreur : 0x80070643 et on m'invite à vous envoyer mon journal? Mais voilà çà fait un lng moment que je recommence cette manipulation et rien de rien ! Du coup mon HP n'est plus protégé !!
Comment vous joindre svp ! Merci

Bought Anti virus pro pack - installed worked for 2 days then couldnt get on the net. stopped pro then could get on the net. Started pro again and could get on the net.
Email scanner removes emails that are good from my customer and puts in vault but tests ok and i cannt retrieve. Email scanner stops me sending invoices to my customers untill I turn Pro off and all works great.
Have had pro off for about 2 months and my computer works well turned it back on 2 days ago and its now the free version. Tried the free avira VPN - works great so bought it and now it dont work. Last 2 days I have spent more time stuffing around with Avira than working my business. What do I do cut my losses and go to another company or just use the free products that are available

Dear avira team
As your product can not accessible for direct online shopping in my country(iran) due to unavailability of visa, paypal,.... i asked my friends who are in germany to buy a total protection suite license for me(1year/3Device) as well as 1 avira prime for 5 devices. they did it for me but The license code came to their emails and under the code written: we have activated your avira product on this email address for each of my friends! So please advice me how i can use it under my own email and my avira account which i have already in your site?(kindly guide me to proceed as your kind advice) Best Regards, Mohammad Ali Khandan

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