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How do I transfer the Avira license to another computer?

If you have to transfer your Avira product and license to another computer, you have to install the same product on the new device. To avoid a conflict with your license, we recomend to uninstall the Avira product from the previous device.


  • Download and install the same product on your new device.
  • Enter your activation code.

How to request a misplaced activiation code, please read this article.


I had understood that my Avira Internet Security Suite purchase included 3 users. I assume this means installation on the 2 computers that I own. How do I download, install and activate the program on my second computer? Regardless whether I copy the program from my first computer, or download directly, my second installation does not recognize the activation code. Thanks.

Not being able to use ANY of my additional 4 licenses without providing a TON of personal information and a separate email for each one... i only want to give you my 1 email.

Ok so i uninstall the free version from my 2nd pc as it will not activate in any way.
So i have to go to my profile. Goto products press the not very obvious (i) to get the key i paste to the trial pro version right? No this gives me the free version as well, even though it shows me that the entry is correct, i press agree and continue, nothing happens. It just installs free version.
I also tried the trial pro version, this gives me free edition as well for some reason.
I also did what Afsaneh Khansari said before coming here, and lol and behold this looked promising from the web ui, but the link in my mail still just takes me to the main site with the FREE version download button staring at me. I'm a tech guy, i never have problems with this stuff, but you guys really did not make this easy, and i'm not really amused. I like everything else about your antivirus, but this....

Would be nice to get the key i bought through email... and while you at it give a link to the pro version in welcome mail cmon, this should be standard. All i initially found was the possibility to email them to your friends. Many people have more than 1 computer, it's not that uncommon.

So after 3 hours of frustration i find this page with a nice link for the real pro version. I thank you, but why the hell put the download page under support! i feel stupid now for not seeing it. Usually its only hardware vendors with driver software that lies under support.

Point is, this made a crap first impression. There is a lot room for improvement. I would suggest fixing the welcome mail to something more usefull. I shouldn't have to work 3 hours for my boss to fix this when i bought the product.

Hello Brian.
The normal way to do the install is through "my account". Login, choose product and press download. This should get you the right version, but i don't trust it. And you seem to have problems with it, so i would recommend this method instead:

Try the download links for the pro version on the SUPPORT page
If you still have problems, maybe pick the full installer, and not the downloader install module.
Goto support->downloads. Click avira antivirus pro download button. On the next page make sure to download the ~200mb file, and not the 4mb module.
Just an idea, the 4mb web installer worked fine for me, but i feel that in this way you will absolutely force the installed version to be the pro version.

If i remember correctly the pro version is trial until you "link" it with your pc. Use the dashboard/my account for this, or . Forget about your serial keys, you wont need that. Everything is connected with your account.
Hope this helps you.

I recently had a harddrive failure. I have a new harddrive, and have installed windows. Upon downloading and going to the "License Management" tab, after I input my license key (which is still valid), I get a "Avira Antivirus could not be activated. Error 38; Unknown Error Value" Message. I have made sure to de-activate my old "desktop" under the Dashboard on the website. What do I need to do to resolve this.

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