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How to activate my Avira Antivirus product

You have to activate your Avira product in case:

  • You have not activated it during the installation process
  • You have tested the Avira product 30 days for free and now you have bought a new license
  • You have performed a product update

This instruction refers to the Avira Antivirus solutions. If you want to activate Avira System Speedup, please follow the instructions in Activation of Avira System Speedup.

If the license for your product has expired, you have to renew your license to use still all features of your Avira product. To do this, please read the article "How do I renew the license for my Avira product?".

Please follow these steps to activate your Avira product:

  1. Start the Avira software by double-clicking the Avira icon. Usually, it is located on your desktop

    Symbol Avira Control Center auf dem Desktop
  2. Click Help → License management

    Avira Internet Security Suite - Help - License Management

    A new window called Welcome to the license wizard opens.
  3. Type your activation code into the field "Activation code:"

    You can enter the code using lowercase letters. The program will convert them automatically into uppercase letters.

    You will find your activation code in the email you have received from Avira. The email was sent to the address you used during the purchasing process. In case you did not receive an email from Avira with your code, please check your spam or junk folder.

    If you have lost your activation code, please read the article "Where do I find my activation code?" which explains where you can find your activation code.

    Avira Internet Security Suite - License Wizard - Activate Product

  4. Click Next
  5. The "Registration" window opens. Please check if your data are correct and update them if necessary

    Avira Internet Security Suite - License wizard - Registration

    Important: Check if your email address is correct.

  6. Click Next
  7. In the "Result" window you can see that the license validity has been activated (field: "License valid until")
  8. Click Finish

In your Avira account you will find all information about your product(s) and license(s) – even outside our service hours.


  • Affected products
  • Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Avira Internet Security Suite
  • Avira Family Protection Suite


extremly disapointed about this product, I have renew 5 license for 3 years and for sure is last time when I did it. ...even I have available license for mobile, I can not use them, because there is no option to add the activation code on Avira Security for Android, the only option is to pay for the license.......and this is just one of the problem I have met with license activation.

My name : Kai Chen
According to Mr. Sidney Martins answered to the problem of Mr. james plaistow. I have tried all three suggestions, still got negative. My system is Windows XP sp3. and I've using Avira Free for many years.
Try I. negative.
Try II. negative.
(In my computer there is no proxy address being used, proxy address block is empty. And all check blocks of both Automatic configuration and Proxy server are unchecked.
Therefor I check Avera Proxy server to 'Don't use a proxy server.' )
Try III. negative.
(Add following 4 items - fact.exe ; update.ex. ; sched.exe and Start Avira Free Antivirus to exception list of firewall)
Do you have any further suggestions?

i'm trying to install avira antivirus.. but it won't work it says that there is an error in installing the program.
it says that:
A secure internet connection is required to activate the product(SSL encrypted). This could not be established. please address the following issues and repeat the product activation.
-ensure that the internet can be accessed
-ensure that the system date is correct
-if in use, check your modem connection
-ensure that the application fact.exe can access the internet and is not blocked by a firewall seems that there's really nothing wrong with my internet connections and still i can't install avira antivirus..guys have any idea with what to do? need help.. thanks!

Other people have the same probleme , It seems that you have to send me an HBDEV.KEY???
Could you give the procedure.

Thanks in advance.
Christian Leclercq

My references :
Christian Leclercq

Reference number : *****

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