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no more avira icon in my system tray

Since 13th of april the Avira icon has disappeared from the system tray. Recent updates have not brought it back. Customizing the taskbar (see topic: https://answers.avira.com/en/question/the-avira-icon-has-disappeared-from-the-tray-in-windows-7-8990) does not work. There is just no icon. So it's not the answer to this problem, as you can see by the people who responded in that topic.

I use the free version of Avira and I don't know if the paid version has the same problem. I only need a simple and light antivirus program and I don't want all these features of the paid version.

I wonder if Avira is willing to solve the problem (so far they always do). If not I will have to install another antivirus program.


Tonight the icon doesn't show up again. Alas!
I have found this: avira.oe.servicehost.exe (avira.oe.servicehost) is not activated. That is: it is missing in Process Explorer. When the icon shows up this file shows up in Process Explorer.

I do have other security software: MBAM and HitmanPro. Together with Avira I have these programs for years, running perfectly side by side.

Hi, I have the same problem.
When I realized that the icon is no longer in the tray, I started avira from the Start menu. It showed that "Your computer is not secure!" then it quit. I reinstalled Avira, it worked for 3 days. Now the problem is the same.
Control panel/Notification area shows: "Avira Antivirus Pro-Realtime: unknown - Email: active - Web: unknown - Windows Firewall: active - Last update: 2016.06.23."
I am using a paid version (Internet Security Suite). I don't want to reinstall it again and again.
Can someone from Avira help fixing it?

I found an answer in "Avira turned off by itself" thread.
Can you Avira guys merge these threads so everybody would find the answer without checking several threads?
Was my computer vulnerable when the system tray icon disappeared, and my computer was not secure?
Also if it is a common problem, you should warn your custumers to uncheck mail protection when installing the software.

I have the same problem but think I have a fix (work around). It appears that the items Avgnt and Avira Systray clash, not sure if this is a Windows problem as they're attempting to use the same icon. All I have done is disabled the Avira Systray in startup and my icon is now back. You do lose the flashy popup that normally appears when you left click the icon but all normal functions are now available and you have the peace of mind of seeing the nice umberella!

Yes mine has disappeared today as well. First time I've noticed that its missing in 2 years. Nothing new installed on the PC at all. Comes back with a reboot but then disappears some time later. There are still processes running in the task manager but no icon. My subscription is up in a month so I guess if it doesn't get fixed I'll be looking elsewhere.

This morning I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same outcomes....fresh boot is all ok but after that at sometime the tray icon disappears.

Oh and If I start from control panel it tells me that 2 services are not running and that my PC is insecure. Pressing fix problem I get a message to contact support. This is after a clean install. after I finish a scan with another vendors product to make sure nothing has managed to infect my system while avira was not working I'll try a reboot to see if it comes back. Else it looks like time to move elsewhere.

First I tried a repair on the existing installation. This stopped working after the signatures where updated. I then booted into safe mode and did an uninstall. I then used the Avira reg cleaner to remove all keys in the registry and then reinstalled. After 5 minutes it seems to still be working but I would not say that the issue is fixed just yet.

Now to fully scan my PC to see if anything got me while Avira was not running.

You don't tell us if this action works for you.
By disabling Avira.Systray in msconfig to startup (see Kelvin Wynn's post) there is no more avira icon to make it show or hide in the system tray properties. Only the avira system tray application appears in the system tray properties and gives the umbrella in the system tray on the desktop. This solution (quite the opposite of your suggestion) is still working fine for me.

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