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no more avira icon in my system tray

Since 13th of april the Avira icon has disappeared from the system tray. Recent updates have not brought it back. Customizing the taskbar (see topic: https://answers.avira.com/en/question/the-avira-icon-has-disappeared-from-the-tray-in-windows-7-8990) does not work. There is just no icon. So it's not the answer to this problem, as you can see by the people who responded in that topic.

I use the free version of Avira and I don't know if the paid version has the same problem. I only need a simple and light antivirus program and I don't want all these features of the paid version.

I wonder if Avira is willing to solve the problem (so far they always do). If not I will have to install another antivirus program.


OK, what a pity, that the Certificate hint either didn't work ... maybe Avira bug, or maybe not, but who would know ...

What's next ... I may still thinkabout it during the Holidays ...

Just checking, did you sometime do the Avira Registry cleaning procedure, between a total uninstall/re-start and another re-start, and, then after doing from scratch a new all standard download/install procedure?

Hi everybody,


I have got the following answer from Avira Support (I am hiding my name, the name of the one who answered and my Activation Code):

Dear Mr. Av......,

My name is D..... and I am writing from Avira Service Excellence Center. I
will be your technician regarding this issue.

Since we recently had major mandatory updates for the Launcher, I suggest a

Please use this link to download and open once complete:




Once the initial red installation screen disappears, the Launcher should
reappear in the System Tray.

The Antivirus should normally get re-synced after this as well, so if it will
revert to the initial free version, just follow these steps then:

? Open the antivirus

? Click on the Help tab at the top of the window

? Select License Management

? Inset there your activation code: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX

Let me know how everything worked out.

Best regards,


Well, everything worked OK.
Only that, as he had told me, the Activation of my licence was lost and I had to do it again, reentering my Activation Code, which I have done, and now everything is back to normal.
Have a nice day

This problem has been unsolved for months now. I've used Avira for many years, and ever so often there is a major bug, usually they solve it in a few weeks, this time they aren't solving it. So I have a choice: either I can reinstall Avira every time I reboot, or go into Services and manually set Avira Service Host to start every time the tray icon is missing.

Hi, Here you have an update and maybe a working solution for this problem ...

OK, I have been struggling with this same type of problem since a year or so … Avira Service Host service not starting, and then trying to solve it by running several un-installs/re-installs etc., but now I think knowing the basic reason for it ...

I have been noting, very often, that the Avira Main Window will not got opened from any of the 3 starting possibilities, neither from the Desktop Icon, nor from the Search found Avira starter, and, further, that the small Avira Icon is not at all either appearing on the Task Bar small arrow hidden window! I think all this due to the ASH not started, but, anyway good luck, the Real-time Scanner seems to be on ...

When checking, I have also always been noting, that the ASH service is not started despite the regular Automatic start is set all OK! So, after just starting it by myself everything is got in order, but just until the next re-start … and then, so, when once again needed/required, this same procedure repeated-repeated … But, when changing the setting into Automatic (Deferred) start, it sometimes has been helping for a while, days-weeks, until something happens, some Avira or Windows Update, or ???, changes it back into the regular Automatic start!

So, in my opinion this is the culprit for this problem!

Please, at Avira, check this from your side and prevent this not anymore happening!

This has been coming up on some all up-to-date Windows 10 Home/Pro machines with Avira Free with as well latest versions/updates.

Best regards,

Helsinki, Finland

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