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What are Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)?

Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) are applications that are not malicious in the traditional sense of the word but rather, from a user’s perspective, behave in an unwanted manner. There are many different reasons (some obvious and some less so) that cause a user to perceive an application as unwanted.

Why has Avira classified my program, advert or website as a PUA?

Your application's classification as a PUA is the result of your software, advert, or website, exhibiting one or more offending behaviors and/or properties within this (non-exhaustive) list. Note, the list is subject to change over time.



  • Further information how Avira classifies applications as PUA can be found in the Avira guidelines.

  • Recommendations for personal behavior when downloading software are available in our Avira Blog.


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