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What are Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)?

Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) are applications that are not malicious in the traditional sense of the word but rather, from a user’s perspective, behave in an unwanted manner. There are many different reasons (some obvious and some less so) that cause a user to perceive an application as unwanted.

Why has Avira classified my program, advert or website as a PUA?

Your application's classification as a PUA is the result of your software, advert, or website, exhibiting one or more offending behaviors and/or properties within this (non-exhaustive) list. Note, the list is subject to change over time.



  • Further information how Avira classifies applications as PUA can be found in the Avira guidelines.

  • Recommendations for personal behavior when downloading software are available in our Avira Blog.


The "Web Companion" of Lavasoft should be added to unwanted software, because it adds the unwanted "Yahoo Search Engine!" (different than official Yahoo that comes with the browsers) to the browsers installed.

You cannot rid of it whatever you do:

In Firefox: Setting another default search engine and removing it in Options; modifying/resetting the related in "about:config"

In Windows 8.1: Uninstalling the software incl. its registry entries uninstallers could find (I suspect that there should be other hidden entries thou); deleting the "Yahoo-Lavasoft.xml" and related files

The only thing you can do is to uninstall the browser via a 3rd party software for tracing all the left files and registry entries and reinstall.

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