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Antivirus Host Framework Service takes up to 100% of CPU on Windows 8.1 and my laptop becomes very slow. It happened after the last Windows update. I can see the CPU usage in task manager

The problem occurred 2 days after the last windows update. The only program that uses a big amount of cpu is Antivirus Host Framework Service. Anyone has the same problem and has solved it?


Got the same problem and finally found a solution.

Avguard process was eating 90+% cpu with 2 process.
Was hard to find a way to end this process as it's not supposed to be done easily. I've tried lots tools and finally "process hacker 2" (from sourceforge) was able to terminate it.

As supposed for an antivir avguard was restrart instantly but the cpu usage was fixed at the same time

Just hope this could help since Avira gave no solution to this annoying bug else than update avira (this was done without asking for most users like me)

So I've basically ran into the same problem and utterly disappointed that >>NO ONE<< has posted the answer of ">>WHY<< does this issue even >>EXIST<<". It might seem lazy to >>JUST<< restart it and don't care at all, but the same way the same issue might happen again soon.

So Avira, I haven't seen a single reply from your employers here with an answer relevant to ">>WHAT<< are possible reasons for avira to start eating up CPU?"

Getting it now with an I7 gaming computer Avira's crappy Host thing is using 99% CPU and making my laptop lag and mess up, seriously sort out this rubbish avira. Everyone I suggest you just use a free one like 360 essentials its protected me for over a 1000 days now and I use Avira too but no more because of them using all my CPU for no apparent reason? what are they doing bit coin F***ing mining lol? Uninstall Avira rubbish now if your getting this problem too. Trust me you don't want Avira using your CPU up to 100 percent while your gaming or doing your daily tasks for no reason.

I have encountered the behavior before , also coincident with a previous update. I became accustomed to rebooting. Now I have changed my Real-time Protection "Files" setting from "Use file extension list" to "Use smart extensions". This was after noticing the Note "Please do not enter any extension of non-executable files as this may compromise the scan service". Note that I have never changed the said extension list, but the switch to smart extensions at least removes the possibility of 'Extension list configuration operator error' from the domain of possible causes.

I have been having this problem since 18/10/2018, the support only knows to tell me to uninstall, to use Avira Registry Cleaner in safe mode and to download the new version, but that does not help, I did it yesterday, today after 4 hours using the computer the problem came back and the Antivirus Host Framework Server re-consumes CPU ...

I apologize for my bad English, I'm from Brazil and I do not speak English very well ...

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I'm still with this bug and support is the worst of all I've ever had, after 10 years using Avira free, I'm going to switch to Panda free, Avira WAS GOOD, today it's bad, unstable, and there's always a bug, completing the support is a joke, how to trust an antivirus like this?
I received about 30 computers with a performance problem and it was the fault of this Avira bug ...

November 17, 2018

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