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Disable Avira Pop Up Ads

Dear Friends:
I'd like to eliminate the PopUp Ads/Nags that I'm receiving from Avira Free version in the most correct and simple way... Another reason for this is that whenever I get these PopUp Ads/Nags. Then try to X them out or reduce them. The popup/box in the lower right corner will not change. I'd likely have to reboot. Thank you, R


I have been working on this problem for many weeks. These popups are really annoying.
This page shows Avira has noticed the problem:
In the German version of answers I got the answer Avira doesn't yet know when they can fix it - there will be an update ...
Meanwhile there is only one thing you can do: whenever the popup appears switch to "Taskmanager / Prozesse / "ipmgui.exe". This must be deleted. It will help until the next window is sent by Avira (in irregular intervals several times a day).
It is a shame that Avira does not give any further statements.
Good luck
H.S. 1st October 2014

Wow, Avira, I hope you read these responses.

I already know where and how to purchase the full version without you nagging me to do so. Guess what is going to happen if you continue to nag? It will NOT mean that I buy your product to stop it. It will mean that I UNINSTALL it and move on to another product.

If the other product does NOT nag me, I will end up purchasing a license for it because it will show me that the vendor respects and understands it's users.

Seriously, it absolutely blows my mind that you antivirus companies have decision makers who are obviously intelligent, yet you make such a stupid and simple mistake such as this. Where are your heads at? You are wrong. Fix this or lose potential customers.

User experience 101. It shocks me that this escapes you.

Add me to the disgusted ex-user list. I've been testing Avira for a couple of weeks after reading an article talking about their impressive virus catch rate. Whatever it is though, I'll go to the next one down on the list. Avira is just too much like the malware it purports to catch. I've locked down the ipmgui.exe file taking all rights away from the system, yet it still magically is replaced every so often by Avira. Constant popups trying to get me to upgrade coupled with them actually TRYING TO SELL ME THIRD PARTY PRODUCTS THROUGH THE BROWSER ADD ON makes it just a bit too shady and malware-esque for me. It makes me wonder what it's doing that I'm not aware of and creates a serious trust issue for me that I don't need in my antivirus software. Uninstalling. P.S. - I actually had to register just to post this, but I thought it worthwhile to spread the word about how bad this issue actually is and Avira's apparent total lack of caring toward it.

Thanks, but this is only available for 32 BIT systems> Note: According to AVIRA
This option is just available under 32-bit systems. If you are using a 64-bit system you should not have any kind of problems with blocked applications caused by Avira. Therefore, the following options are just valid for 32-bit systems. If you are using a 64-bit system, you do not have access to the Application filter.

Please note, that also a firewall could block specific applications. Therefore, please check also your firewall settings.

Some of you people are ridiculous. It's FREE software. If you can't handle a single, harmless pop-up at logon, then PAY for your software. Trust me, there are far worse out there. At least Avira's ads are only trying to sell you Avira. Not shoes or dating services or whatever. Only technical people like @Toto and myself can get away with disabling the pop-ups. The rest of you suck it up or buy the software.

I am having this same issue with the Pro version ( currently) on Win 10 FCU 16299.248. I'm licensed until April 2019, yet I'm getting this annoying popup everyday, starting in the last 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it knocks me out of full screen apps in the middle of doing something important, which is to say, if you wanted to raise my ire, congrats you succeeded! At times, the main antivirus will show up as Avira Antivirus rather than Avira Antivirus Pro, which leads me to believe that you've borked up your license/registration handling somehow. I've tried reentering my license key, which it accepts and says it activates, yet the next day, the popups are back and so are the issues with Pro / not Pro showing up in the UI. I've been a long term Avira customer, but maybe it's time to go to Windows Defender as it's perfectly good enough protection nowadays, and I know I will get only a benign alert in my notification center. This hassle is very disappointing and disrespectful to your customers. You guys have majorly screwed up.

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